EL último spot de Levi´s vuelve a usar el copy de un gigante de las letras como ya hicieron con Wihtman en el Piooners Oh Pioneers !
Bonito y emocionante spot, esta vez con el The Laughing Heart de Charles Bukowski
Agency : Wieden & Kennedy
Director: Ralf Schmerberg
Prod Company: Trigger Happy Productions


The Laughing Heart (Charles Bukowski)  
Your life is your life 
don’t let it be clubbed 
into dank submission. 
Be on the watch. 
There are ways out. 
There is a light somewhere. 
It may not be much light 
but it beats the darkness. 
Be on the watch. 
the gods will offer you chances. 
Know them. 
Take them. 
You can’t beat death 
but you can beat death in life, 
and the more often 
you learn to do it,
the more light there will be. 
Your life is your life. 
know it while you have it. 
You are marvelous
the gods wait to delight 
in you.

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